A/C, DC & Variable speed Motor:

Complete Repair, Servicing (Overhauling) and Rewinding Electric Motors AC - DC, High voltage and Variable Speed up to 15000 HP including Armature Rewinding, Materials – Class ‘H’ 180’C double insulated Magnet Wire. Modification and upgrading of all Control Panels.

AC & DC Generator

Rewinding and Servicing (Overhauling) of AC - DC Alternators (Generators), Main Stator ,Main Rotor of High - Low Voltage up to 8500 KW with Mechanical repair (Alternator side) for Caterpillar, Cummins, Stamford, Onan, Unelec, AVK and Siemens etc. We are using the standard specification of Winding Materials.


Rewinding of all types of Transformers, i.e. Oil and Air-cooled both High - Low Voltage windings. Testing: We have latest Equipment for testing purposes like Surge Test, Hi-Pot Test, Meggar Test, High Voltage Test up to 30 KV.

Chiller Compressor

Complete Rewinding, mechanical overhauling, rebuilding of Chiller A/C Compressors such as Carrier, Copeland, York, Bock, Bitzer and Trane etc.

Mechanical Works

Complete Mechanical re-Boring of bearing housing, cylinder Bore. All types of Steel Fabrication work, Casting of all types Design of Steel, Bronze, Copper and Brass. Undercutting and metalizing of shaft clearances. Polishing all types of metal-Gold and Silver Plates.

Automatic Voltage Regulators

New supply all kinds of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) and Electronic Cards for all Generators. Repairing all types of AVR’s and installing accordingly.


Manufacturing all kinds of Industrial heaters with High Grade materials.

VPI System

Modern technology of Varnish Pressure Impregnating System (VPI System) and using of High Grade Insulation Varnish.

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Devices using vertical Machine for balancing of Fans, Impellers, Propellers, Ventilation and Horizontal Machine for balancing of Rotor, Armature & Blower wheels etc.

High Tonnage Hydraulic Pullers

Using Sophisticated Heavy duty Hydraulic Puller Machine (Enforcer 100 Tons capacity of Universal puller-power team).

Lifting Capacity

We have modern type of lifting facilities with 35 Tons Capacity.